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We believe you should be able to buy remarkable products that look good and do good too

Corporate Gifts

Embrace the change

Each item you buy helps us make the world that little bit better. Everything we do is driven by our passion for making products you really want, using processes that are gentler on people and the planet, whilst giving back to our communities.

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Customise your own design

We sing what our clients speak and we design what our clients dream. Each of our products tell a unique story that will improve your brand value, awareness and customer loyalty. Our custom design service includes:

   + Custom logo embossing
   + Custom initial embossing
   + Personalized packaging
   + Customized story tag sharing the impact the products made
   + Custom-made design from scratch




Our Craftsman

Support people and the planet

Each product is carefully handcrafted by our talented family of craftsman in Indonesia with natural material that lasts a lifetime.

Each item purchased plants 5 mangrove trees in Indonesia to promote bio-diversity, which provides safe nurseries to restore fish supplies to ultimately rejuvenate the environment and support local people.

It also empowers communities by providing traceable workdays for craftsman in need.





We help you throughout your journey

We work closely with your business needs and goals. 

We’ll develop a proposal with mock ups of the exact product we’ll create for you, detailing the materials that will be used, who it will be made by and the good your company will do by purchasing it. Once your order is ready, it will be quality checked by our team on the ground and delivered to your office.

We're happy to hear your thoughts and love sharing stories through our products, providing an outcome based long-term relationship from day one. Tell us how we can help!


Tell us what you need

Our Values

Our Story


While in India, Danny came across incredibly talented craftsmen and families, who were competing against sweatshops and fast-fashion factories. Convinced he needed to do something, Danny called Kai and the two agreed to spend their savings on buying 100 bags, handmade by those local craftsmen. Duffle & Co. was born


The Duffle & Co. website was live, but the well oiled distribution process that’s now in place had not yet been figured out. Instead, the initial 100 bags resided underneath Danny’s bed and fulfillment of orders would be carried out by Danny driving 10 minutes to the local post office and putting the order in the mail. The fulfillment facility soon changed home to Kai’s laundry as demand grew, later moving to a friend’s garage before finally getting its own home.


With sales going well, Duffle & Co. expanded to other regions, finding suppliers in Bali and Nepal. This opened up options for materials that could be used, such as hemp and bamboo, allowing Duffle & Co.’s products to not only benefit the people making them, but be better for the planet too.

Duffle & Co. started working with large corporations to enable them to have a more positive impact when purchasing their branded merchandise and gifts.

duffle & co

With a continuously growing team of staff and suppliers, Duffle & Co. is now able to have a greater impact than ever. Every day Duffle & Co. gets a little bit closer to creating a world where making products that support people and nature is the expectation, not the exception.

Our Craftsmen

Sundari Our Craftsmen
Head Supplier

Heading up the workshop, Sundari is always full of life, no task is too big and she is always there to lend a helping hand! There are in the office that this woman has super powers!

Gitto Our Craftsmen
Master Craftsman

With over 20 years experience, Gitto is very rightly the master craftsman. Like most artisans he takes great pride in his work and meticulously crafts everything down to the last stitch. He greets everyone coming into the workshop with smile, always making you feel welcome!

Our Initiatives

The Eden Reforestation Projects is a  nonprofit that plants millions of trees every year on behalf of donors, businesses, and foundations with a mission to recreate healthy forest systems that restore hope, alleviate suffering, empower people, and build local economies in impoverished communities.

We work with Eden Project to plant mangroves trees in Indonesia. With this project, we aimed to restore biodiversity, natural ecosystem, and promote carbon negative initiatives to businesses. These trees provide safe nurseries to restore the natural habitat of animals and improve the living condition in the water and on the land, which ultimately rejuvenates the environment and supports local people.


eden project

KiwiHarvest are food rescuing heroes that collect good food before it goes to waste and gets it to Kiwis in need.

They work with food businesses including supermarkets, producers, cafes and restaurants, to rescue the good food that they are not able to sell and speedily gets it to those that need it most. Drivers and volunteers deliver this food to a network of over 150 charities and social service agencies across New Zealand, enabling them to provide fresh, nutritious food, all for free! The positive social impact of feeding people in need and the environmental impact of keeping edible food out of the landfill is something we HAD to get behind! Check out our latest range to see how many meals you will donate!



It’s not news that our waterways in New Zealand are deteriorating. Concerns about the health of our streams and waterways have frequently occupied headlines and political speeches of recent years.

The core idea is this : to make it easy and exciting to invest in the health of our waterways – to open it up to everyone in New Zealand – people and businesses wanting to do good. The team works with community groups and landowners to raise enough funds to replant one million metres of waterway with native plants and trees. Planting a million metres of riparian margins isn’t the whole solution to our freshwater crisis, but it’s a significant step forward, and it’s something we can support right now. Check out our latest range to see how many trees you will plant!


million metres

Sustainable Corporate Gifts
B Corporation
Sustainable Business Network
Sustainable Corporate Gifts

We are working to make a difference

Supporting people and nature is not merely what we do, it’s the reason we exist

Working Towards Sustainable Development Goals

As a responsible organisation, Duffle & Co is working towards United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to promote positive impacts on every part of our business.

Decent Work SDGWorking with local craftsmen in Indonesia, our goal is to provide decent work to craftsmen in need with decent living wages that eventually promote economic growth and decent living

Responsible Production and Consumption SDGAt every stage of our product's journey, we ensured the responsibility of our business. We are working to promote sustainable production and consumption by using sustainable materials, provide a decent working environment in our workshop, managing and decreasing  waste around our production, and eventually promote positive impacts to environment by planting trees

Climate Action SDGWe care about our planet. Our goal eventually to provide a way in which businesses would be also able to promote a positive impact on this planet. We aimed to help businesses to take a climate action by reversing the carbon impact through tree planting.

Life below water SDGWorking with Eden Project, we are planting mangrove trees on every purchase that we made, to promote biodiversity, which provides safe nurseries environment to restore fish habitat to ultimately rejuvenate the water ecosystem.

Life on Land SDGBy working with Eden Project, we plant mangroves tree for each sale that we made. This will eventually restore the life on land by promoting biodiversity on the land ecosystem by providing habitat for animals

Meet Our Team



Co-Founder | B2B Relations

Previously a business lecturer, Danny is our vision guy in charge of business partnerships and production. After travelling around the world, Danny has been based in Asia for the last four years. He’s passionate about businesses having a positive impact on the world, having witnessed first hand the damage they can do.



Co-Founder | Finance & Strategy Director

With a background in corporate finance and business improvement, Kai looks after company performance and investor relations. Equally committed to social enterprise, Kai is dedicated to improving financial literacy in communities around the world through the partnerships we create at Duffle & Co.



Creative Director

Combining her background in CX and Design, Freya oversees Brand, Product, Visual Media and Design. A firm believer in using design to inspire change, she can often be found illustrating or co-designing with our customers. She’s all about creating purposeful products and great experiences that connect people to our craftsmen and our story.



Marketing and Comms Director

Emily comes to us from the international fashion scene with a love for circular design, transparency and positive impact. With a wealth of experience in digital (and print) marketing and promotion, she's your go to gal! Passionate about conservation and a bit of a water baby, when she's not at her laptop you'll find her by coast.



Production Director

After working 6 years in Copenhagen Airport - ending as a Duty Manager - Josephine quit her job, packed a backpack and jumped on a flight to Asia. She is now overseeing production in the workshop. Working and engaging with Sundari and her team on a daily basis has showed her first hand how big of a difference D&C makes to the local community and it's growth. This has really lit a fire under Josephine's personal motivation.



Marketing Manager | B2B Reltions

Our B2B marketing guru for Duffle and Co, Adi manages our B2B website, customer journey, content and digital advertising. Originally from Bali, Adi is now based in Wellington and loves traveling, food, and basketball. He looks forward to learn, grow, and contribute back to the people and the planet through our brand.



Customer Experience Guru & Marketing Assistant


She's a dreamer, believer and a keen eater! Coming in to chase the winds of Wellington, Shannon brings in her extensive experience in retail, customer service and a cheeky degree in Marketing. Shannon's a valued addition to the Duffle&Co family, got any questions? She's your lady! 



Production and Design Lead


At only 19 years old, Prema showcases the same creative talent as those double his age. As an aspiring fashion designer, Prema chose to learn pattern making and sewing instead of going directly to uni after high school. At Duffle&Co Prema helps manage the production process at the workshop in Bali, as well as designing a few of our pieces. 

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